What is available to me?
Catholic Cemeteries Association offers monument lots, which include monument-sharing lots, as well as flush marker graves. We also offer cremation graves or niches, mausoleum crypts, and columbaria.

Can I place a flag on my relative’s grave?
Yes, but only an American flag is allowed. This flag must be the cloth flag on the 2’ wooden pole. These flags will be removed by cemetery personnel as they become tattered or torn. Bronze flag holders are available through the Veterans Affairs office, or a V.F.W. post.

I’m not Catholic; can I be buried with my Catholic spouse?
Of course you may. We do not separate families.

I am not Catholic but would like to be buried in your cemetery, is this possible?
All you need to do is write a letter to our Executive Director, outlining your reason for this request. Please include your contact information.

Can I plant shrubbery?
Shrubs are not allowed. As generations pass on, and people move away, there is no one to maintain these shrubs, and over the years they become grossly overgrown, unsightly, and un-manageable. The roots from these shrubs can also disturb the monument foundation and possibly cause damage. New shrubbery will be immediately removed.

Can I bury my pet in a family lot?
The burial of animals is prohibited in any of our cemeteries.

Can I place more than one flush marker on a grave?
Only one flush marker is allowed per grave.

How do I locate a loved one in the cemetery?
Simply contact the cemetery office where your loved one is interred, and the staff can guide you to the location, and provide a cemetery map for future reference.

Who has the remaining rights of burial in our family lot?
Contact the cemetery office where your lot is located. Depending on the year of purchase, the rights of intestacy prevail.

Will my burial space be re-sold by the cemetery?
No. If fully paid, the space is never reclaimed and resold.

As a Catholic, can I choose cremation?
Yes. The revised Code of Canon Law (1983) states: The Church earnestly recommends the pious custom of burial be retained; but it does not forbid cremation, unless this is chosen for reasons which are contrary to Christian teaching. (Canon 1176, paragraph 3)

How do I have information added to my loved one’s memorial?
If it is a family owned monument or flush marker, you may go to a memorial dealer of your choice who will submit to the cemetery for content approval. If it is a cemetery-owned monument, you can order the inscription from the cemetery.

Are burials provided in the winter?
Catholic Cemeteries Association has the equipment to allow us to provide interments/entombment throughout the year.

Is there an annual fee for Perpetual Care?
No, all costs for graves, crypts, and niches include a one time Endowed Care fee.

Do I have to pay in full at the time of purchase?
No, Catholic Cemeteries Association offers a variety of payment options, including various financing packages throughout the year.

When can I memorialize my grave or crypt?
Once we have received payment in full, you may make arrangements for inscriptions, monuments and flush markers. Cemetery personnel can help with those arrangements.

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