Why Leave It To Others?

To make an important decision more calmly, prudently and economically, Catholic Cemeteries Association suggests you inquire into pre-need burial arrangements for you and your loved ones.

Whether choosing traditional in-ground burial, mausoleum entombments or cremation, purchasing in advance of actual need allows you to choose the options you prefer, and relieves your family of a difficult decision in the midst of their grief. Pre-need arrangements also protect you from future price increases.


  1. Consider thank you notes as a response for those who sent Mass cards, flowers, donations, or showed a special kindness. Consider a personal note thanking the clergy for spiritual help.
  2. File life insurance claims.
  3. Make sure that your own life insurance policies are up to date and do not have the deceased as your beneficiary.
  4. If the deceased was your spouse, you should receive a death benefit from social security. If the deceased was not married or widowed, there will be NO benefit from social security.
  5. If the deceased was a veteran, you may qualify for veteran’s benefits.
  6. Meet with the deceased’s attorney to discuss any necessary legal process.
  7. You may need to notify the deceased’s accountant or tax advisor.
  8. Notify the deceased’s bank. If you had joint accounts, you will need to remove the deceased name from the account.
  9. Notify the credit card companies of the deceased. Remember, some credit cards and/or other loans may have credit life insurance to pay off balances. You may wish to inquire about the existence of credit life insurance coverage prior to paying off any balances.
  10. Newspaper and Mail. The newspaper subscription will need to be discontinued if no one else resides at the home of the deceased, and the Post Office may need to be contacted about a forwarding address for mail.
  11. Update you will. If you lost your spouse, it is important that your own will is brought up to date. New beneficiaries may need to be designated.
  12. Please keep the “Certificate of Burial Rights” in a safe place. If the cemetery property was recently purchased, please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. Please contact the local cemetery manager with any questions.
  13. Review your memorialization and future cemetery needs.
  14. It is highly recommended that all certificate holders make definite assignments of their unused interment spaces with an Assignment of Burial Rights form while living; this form may be obtained and filed at the cemetery’s office. Certificate holders may also leave interment rights to their heirs by making a specific bequest in a will. If you die without transferring the burial or entombment rights by one of these two ways, this Contract and any unused burial or entombment rights will go to your nearest relative. If a person to whom you have properly transferred your rights under this contract dies without transferring any remaining burial or entombment rights by one of the two ways listed in this paragraph, this Contract and any unused burial or entombment rights will go to that person’s nearest relative. The nearest relative will be the first of the following who is then living:
    1. Spouse;
    2. Oldest living child;
    3. Oldest living grandchild;
    4. Father;
    5. Mother;
    6. Oldest living brother or sister; and
    7. Nearest relative as determined by us.

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