July 5, 2024

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In the Catholic Church, we honor the sanctity of human life, and we learn that who we are does not end with death. Upon death, we are called to God, where those who worshipped him in life and followed his teachings will be rewarded in paradise.


In life, Catholic believers followed the traditions that led them closer to God. In death, there are also traditions to follow, in which the family and friends seek to honor their loved one’s faith and trust in God to bring them to eternal life.


Just as with all forms of services and burial plans, there are many decisions to make following a loved one’s passing, which can be challenging for family and friends to work through during their time of grief. To alleviate the stress of this difficult time, we often recommend pre-planning before your passing, creating a blueprint of your final wishes for your loved ones to follow.


In the case of the Catholic faith, the CFP can offer the same relief and support.

What is the CFP?

When a Catholic follower passes, there are several steps that come next. Each step helps to bring a loved one, as well as those who loved them, closer to God. The Catholic Vigil Service, Funeral Mass, and Commitment Ceremony reaffirm our belief in God, honor the sacrifices made by Christ, and teach us that no one is truly gone, even when they are no longer walking this world with us, as followers of Christ will be resurrected on this world’s final day. All of these steps are referred to as the Catholic Funeral Rites.


The Catholic Funeral Plan (CFP) is your pre-planning resource, Catholic guide, and advocate. This faith-based plan helps you put your final wishes into place, guiding you through the beliefs of the Catholic faith around death and ensuring that you receive the Catholic Funeral Rites.


Following your passing, the CFP will protect your wishes, working to make sure that your desire for a Catholic funeral is respected and enacted. You can rest knowing that your loved ones are following the plan you’ve put in place, assisting you on your voyage to be by God’s side.

Why should you invest in the CFP after the age of 40?

The CFP is a form of pre-planning that ensures your wishes for a Catholic funeral and burial will be honored. While there’s no one correct age for making the decision to pre-plan, 40 is an excellent time to start thinking about and making these serious decisions. Many people in the United States may already be married and have their own family by the age of 40. They may be thinking about what they will leave behind for their families when they are no longer there with them, and the CFP ensures that you leave behind guidance and support.


When you make the decision to invest in the CFP, you’re ensuring less stress or worry for the ones you love after you pass. As you invest in the CFP, talk to your family about your decision and how the CFP will protect your wishes for a Catholic funeral and burial.



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