What is Advanced Planning or Pre-Planning?

Advanced Planning is taking care of all your funeral needs in advance of an immediate need. Why would anyone want to Advanced Plan their arrangements ahead of time? There are 3 significant and life-changing reasons to seriously consider planning for the “celebration of your life” in advance.

1. Advance Planning is a financially sound decision to make.
Cemetery and Funeral Costs are subject to the same inflation as other expenditures. Yet, by choosing to plan ahead, fixed and ancillary costs can be locked in for the future, even if prices increase. Planning can help to relieve your family of the financial responsibility associated with your passing. It can eliminate emotional overspending that could occur at the time of an immediate need. Instead, it gives them assurance that your funeral costs are covered. They can ‘grieve with ease’ knowing that your wishes are being executed as planned. If however, you decide to change your plan, at any time, you have the flexibility of doing so. Updating your plan is easy!

There are different options to help you fund your funeral, for example: monthly payment options can be made out of current income. This would conserve retirement income and savings accumulation for long-term purposes.

Another smart option is to enroll in the Catholic Funeral Plan® (CFP) which enables you to customize a plan for your end-of-life celebration. CFP oversees the process so, that it honors your Catholic Tradition and planning choices.

2. Pre-Planning insures your wishes are carried out.
Depending on your family circumstances it is a great comfort to know that your final resting place is chosen by you in the manner which honors your Catholic faith and beliefs. It brings great consolation to Catholics knowing that they will be interred on consecrated grounds and their place of rest cared for perpetually. By developing your specific plan, you can include your favorite scripture passages, songs and even write your own eulogy for the Funeral Mass that your loved ones will attend. Memorialization options provide a way to honor you and provides that sacred space for your loved ones to visit, grieve, honor and pray for you.

3. Pre-Planning is the greatest gift that you can leave your loved ones.
The most important aspect of Advanced Planning is that it relieves your family of the responsibility of having to make many long lasting and important decisions for you, especially during a time of great sorrow. When there is an immediate need with no plan in place, the average number of decisions, needing to be made, is 150. By planning ahead, the celebration of your life…brings with it a sense of comfort and peace.

We encourage families to plan ahead before the need arises because Pre-Planning is truly the greatest and most compassionate gift you can leave them.

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