Catholic Family Services Association Inc. is now offering

The Catholic Funeral Plan®

A faith-based, pre-need plan for you and your loved ones.

The Catholic Funeral Plan allows Catholics to make their funeral and cemetery arrangements in advance. The Plan guarantees that, upon your death, the arrangements you’ve selected will be executed as stated in your Plan outline and in accordance with the Traditions of the Catholic Faith.

By enrolling in the Catholic Funeral Plan ® (CFP) you will be developing a program outline for your funeral service that best suits you. You can choose a funeral home, and select specific arrangements at a cost that meets your budget. At the time of need, your funeral home will make and execute the arrangements. The CFP will oversee the process ensuring that your wishes are carried out as you directed and within the guidelines of the Catholic Faith Tradition.

What will the CFP offer me and my family?

  • An affordable way to preserve the Traditions of the Catholic Faith
  • Assurance that your wishes will be executed according to the plan
  • Inflation protection with any excess accumulated paid to your beneficiary

Dramatic changes are taking place today in the way we buy goods and services. Locally owned banks, grocery stores and drugstores are giving way to regional or national chains. The funeral industry is no exception. Large, publicly-held corporations and regional consolidators are beginning to dominate the industry, driving up the prices and changing how funerals are delivered. One of the negative results for Catholic families has been a decrease in the observance of our Church’s traditional liturgical rites for the dead, in particular the Mass of Christian Burial at the parish.

The Catholic Funeral Plan has been developed to safeguard the Church’s sacred burial traditions against the forces of change and to guarantee Catholic families the right to be buried in accordance with these traditions at an affordable cost.

How Do I Learn More?

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