Perpetual Care Policy

Often Cemeteries offer perpetual care, also known as endowed or annual care. However, the idea of perpetual care is often misunderstood and it’s important to know what is and what is not covered when you purchase your lot, niche, crypt or mausoleum.

Perpetual care funds are used for the general maintenance, care and management of the cemetery grounds, monument features and community Mausoleums. For example, mowing and lawn care during the growing season and the snow clearing and road treating during winter months, would fall under perpetual care, as would upkeep of buildings, roads, paths, signage, monument features and record keeping.

As for the family, they bear the responsibility for the upkeep of their family owned monuments, flush markers, and for the Associations guidelines. The term “ Perpetual Care“ shall in no case mean the maintenance, repair or replacement of any family owned monument or marker placed or erected  upon any lot; nor the planting, cutting, watering or care of any privately planted shrub, flowers or ornamental plants.; nor does it mean the reconstruction of any granite or concrete work in any section of the lot, or any portion or portions thereof in any Association’s cemetery damaged by any cause, direct or indirect, beyond the Association’s reasonable control.

Cemetery management always reserves the right to remove any decorations or plantings if they are an impediment to the care and maintenance routine or do not meet the Association’s guidelines.

Thank you on behalf of The Catholic Cemeteries Association of the Archdiocese of Hartford Inc.