Paul Piscitelli, Manager

Established in 1893, St. Mary Cemetery has been serving the burial needs of Catholics and their families in the New Britain area for over 100 years. St Mary’s offers a variety of in-ground and above ground interment options. Families can choose from a single grave to family lots. There are many options to choose from, whether up-right and shrine monuments to cremation graves. Flush-marker grave stones are available in either bronze or granite. Double-depth lawn crypts provide a sacred space for two interments occupying one grave. Cemetery owned monuments provide families up to four graves with rights to inscribe on the stone.

Our two mausoleums offer a variety of entombment options. An exterior Garden Mausoleum features not only granite crypt spacing with surrounding views overlooking the cemetery, but also a cremation wall as well. A unique feature of this cemetery is the dedicated glass columbaria niches in a stand alone building.

St. Mary Cemetery

66 LaSalle St | New Britain, CT 06051