Bruce McCann, Manager
Sebastian Vosney, Assistant Manager

Mt. St. Benedict Cemetery occupies 160 acres of beautiful hills in the south east corner of Bloomfield, CT. Established in 1874 when the first person, James Bennis was first interred. For nearly 150 years, the cemetery is evidenced by the various memorials (from old brownstone and marble, to elaborate granite statues) that are prevalent throughout the grounds. The modern memorials show how technology plays a significant role in laser etched lettering and portraits incorporated into the designs. Mt. St. Benedict Cemetery is also the final resting place of eleven Bishops, including the first Archbishop of Hartford, Henry O’Brien and the first Bishop of Hartford, William Tyler. Many priests from the Archdiocese of Hartford are buried in designated areas within the cemetery as well as dozens of religious such as the Missionaries of LaSalette, the Sisters of Notre Dame, Sisters of Christian Charity, the Dominican Oblates of Jesus and many others.

The community mausoleum, where the annual Memorial Mass is held, has polished granite crypt and niche fronts and displays a beautiful stained glass window and tile mosaics. The cemetery offers a variety of traditional in-ground burial options as well as cremation options.

Holy Trinity Cemetery

1821 Main Street | Hartford, CT 06120

St. Patrick Cemetery

470 Garden Street | Hartford, CT 06120

Sisters of Mercy Cemetery

2021 Albany Ave | West Hartford, CT 06117