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Assistant Manager                              JOB DESCRIPTION                        

Location –Waterbury/Hartford

BASIC FUNCTION: To direct and supervise all field operations of the
cemetery or cemeteries entrusted to the Assistant Manager’s care in conformity

with Catholic Cemeteries Association policies and to. represent the
Association to the public in a manner that reflects favorably on the
Catholic Church.



  1. To direct and supervise all field employees and all operational
    and maintenance activities
  2. To train and instruct and develop field employees in performance
    of job assignments
  3. To instruct and insure that field employees follow proper safety
    procedures in job assignments and in the use of equipment
  1. To assist families at the time of purchase of graves whether pre-need or immediate need and be responsible for paper work involved in the absences of a family service advisor.
  1. To oversee the activities related to interment, including laying
    out and checking on graves, funeral procedures, vault setting,
    grave preparation and completion of interments
  1. To assign work and maintain standards of performance so that the
    cemetery is in excellent condition at all times
  1. To supervise the work related to memorials, including layout of
    foundations and setting of markers
  1. To assist in the layout of new sections and the renovation of old
  1. To maintain good public relations with the community, and assist the public in their needs, taking appropriate action to resolve complaints
  1. To make recommendations for improving and developing cemetery facilities, and suggest such changes in policy as seem appropriate
  1. To be responsible for all inventory items and proper maintenance of cemetery equipment and buildings
  1. Should have basic computer knowledge of Word, Excel, and Outlook (or any email) programs
  1. To monitor all cemetery employee’s attendance records and
    report excessive absenteeism/tardiness to the manager.
  1. Follows Association’s policies and fulfills requests promptly.


  1. Responsible for completing all assigned projects within schedule.


  1. Must complete all paperwork pertaining to all contracts and product sales in the absences of a family Service Advisor.


  1. Responsible for productivity through pre-job planning and scheduling.


  1. To assure the preparation and accuracy of all cemetery office records and to prepare statistical data, monthly area operation reports and other reports as directed.


  1. Is responsible for all cemetery operations in the absences of the cemetery manager.


JOB PERFORMANCE:  Performance will be evaluated by accomplishments in

relation to above duties.

ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIP:  The Assistant Manager is responsible to the
cemetery manager for the performance of duties set forth above.



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