April 26, 2024

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Losing a loved one starts a new journey for many people where they’re navigating a world of grief. During this challenging time, many take comfort in knowing that there’s a place where they can go to feel their loved one’s presence, to know that the one they’re missing is never so far away. For this reason, mausoleums play an integral role in the stories of many families, providing a location where all those who are no longer with us in everyday life can be found.

However, not all mausoleums are alike. Let’s get into what a private mausoleum is and why it’s important to so many families.

What is a private mausoleum?

First, let’s discuss what a mausoleum is. A mausoleum is a type of memorial that’s built as a freestanding monument that houses the remains of decedents. This may include both full-body caskets and urns containing cremated remains.

While a community mausoleum provides a space for multiple people from all different families, some families choose a private mausoleum instead, which is also referred to as a family mausoleum. These granite structures are built for one particular person or an entire family. These types of mausoleums can provide a place for all those who have passed on in a family to have a final resting place amongst those they loved in life and even some ancestors who you may never have met.

Why do some families choose private mausoleums?

A family mausoleum is a part of your family legacy. It’s a place where all your loved ones and ancestors can be together. It provides you with a location where you can visit and reflect in peace and in the comfort of knowing you’re surrounded by so many you’ve loved throughout your life.

In many ways, a family mausoleum is a gift to your loved ones. When you or another member of your family passes, there needn’t be any worry or questions about where their final resting place will be, which relieves your family from the burden of making those arrangements.

It’s also a gift to those you love because you’re effectively creating a place where your loved ones can stay together for all time. Generations from now, your grandchildren, great-grandchildren, or even great-great-grandchildren can come together to find their family, recall precious memories, and take comfort in those they love, both those still living and those who have passed on.



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