Things to Consider When Choosing Cemeteries in Hartford, CT

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Maybe you’ve never even thought about it before—but selecting a final resting place for yourself or someone you love is a big responsibility. From the location to the disposition style to the allowable grave marking and décor, there are plenty of questions to get the answers to before you purchase space. It can be helpful to have a framework of ideas to consider when making decisions regarding cemeteries in Hartford, CT.

If you are looking for casket burial, there are usually above and below-ground solutions that can be found depending on the location. Cremated remains can also be buried in at least a few ways. Some cemeteries have areas for specific groups like infants and children, veterans, or family estates. Private cemeteries could potentially be available to you if you meet eligibility requirements. Public, National, Military, or religious cemeteries may be the right fit for your needs. Even cemetery options for more natural burial can often be found.

Finding a location that is geographically accessible to family and friends who will actively mourn this person’s passing may tremendously support the bereaved. Having a memorial place of permanency can be helpful, especially when you need to feel close to your loved one. Ideally, you will also find a site that you find aesthetically pleasing so that you and other grieving loved ones can find solace in the setting and feel peace about the final disposition location. Of course, once you select the cemetery, the grave’s exact location will also be important.

Upkeep responsibilities and decorating provisions are other factors to learn about before purchasing. Some cemeteries are highly regulated with rules to keep the graveyard orderly, beautiful, and functional. Often cemeteries may have rules about the placement of headstones, sizes, materials allowed, etc. Others may have fewer rules opting for a more natural look or allowing families to have more involvement with their loved ones’ grave maintenance. Either way, it is vital to understand what you will be expected to comply with.

In the same conversation, you’ll need to understand all the costs associated with the burial plot, the actual burial (fees for opening and closing the grave, etc.), and any perpetual maintenance fees that may be billed in the future. In addition, if you wish to have multiple plots together, they will need to be purchased while available to ensure no one else buys an unused space you were hoping to acquire.

Burial Solutions at Cemeteries in Hartford, CT

There are many options for burial solutions, and finding the right one for your family will depend on personal preferences, budget constraints, and the importance of the setting.

Graves typically reference in-ground burials. Bodies may be casketed or shrouded, depending on the site’s rules. In some cemeteries, outer burial containers like vaults or grave liners are also required. These may help to keep the gravesite from experiencing dramatic settling, which will make the maintenance of the grounds more accessible. A grave is also an appropriate term for a buried cremation urn containing the deceased’s ashes.

Crypts traditionally refer to a stone chamber buried underneath the floor of a church (or other building). This is still true, but the term could also refer to a broader range of products and burial styles. Lawn crypts, for example, may be capable of holding two caskets so that couples or others may be buried together. In addition, the stone tomb may be placed above ground (making an impressive monument) or buried in the ground.

Niches are small burial compartments large enough to receive the inurned ashes or cremated remains of the person who has died. These spaces are often set within a columbarium structure or wall. In some cases, they are a building you can walk into. In others, the facility is freestanding outdoors and designed to withstand the elements while keeping each niche secure and sealed. In some cases, burial niches may accommodate multiple urns.

Additionally, there is a significant range of other options for final resting placements that may be found in the cemeteries in Hartford, CT, and the surrounding areas that may meet your needs. As you look for this important and deeply personal place, remember that having a physical location to mourn is a kindness and healing tool for the bereaved loved ones.

Memorial Products to Help You Remember and Honor Your Loved One

There are some instances when burying your loved one in a cemetery won’t be possible or practical. It may be an option to memorialize your loved one by erecting a bench, planting a tree, or installing a marker in their memory. Mementos to help you feel a connection to your loved one could also feel appropriate.

A Caring Resource and Touch Point for Those Facing Grief

As part of death care arrangements, you may find a helpful resource through the Archdiocese of Hartford. As you look at the various final needs, including sourcing information about cemeteries in Hartford, CT, and the surrounding areas, please reach out for assistance.

Cemetery FAQs

  • Who Should Be Responsible for a Grave in Hartford, CT?
    • It is generally the responsibility of the immediate family members to arrange for and maintain a grave site. This includes ensuring that the grave is properly marked and maintained, as well as ensuring that any flowers or other decorations are periodically refreshed. If no living descendants can be found, then the cemetery in Hartford is responsible for maintaining the grave.
  • What are the Reasons People Hold a Burial Service in Hartford, CT?
    • A burial service in Hartford can provide closure for friends and family members of the deceased. It can also be a way to celebrate the life of the person who has passed away. Some people choose to hold a burial service in Hartford because they want their loved ones to be buried in a specific location or cemetery. Others may choose to have a burial service because they want to commemorate their loved one’s life with friends and family members.
  • What are Some Common Rules that Cemeteries Have for Visitors?
    • There are a few common rules that cemeteries have for visitors in order to ensure the respectful treatment of graves and burial sites. Some of these cemetery rules and regulations may vary slightly from place to place, but in general, they include things like refraining from walking on graves, keeping a noise level down out of respect for mourners, and not leaving any trash behind or purposely breaking things in the cemetery.