Selecting Between Cemeteries in New Haven, CT

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Even if you haven’t given it much thought before, if you need to choose the final resting place for a loved one or yourself for a future date, it is a personal decision and hefty responsibility. As you look into the options for cemeteries in New Haven, CT, and nearby areas, here are a few things you might consider helping you find the perfect place.

You’ll need first to know if the body will be buried (often in a casket or shroud) or if it will be cremated. Cremation is the process that reduces the physical remains from the recognized form into a much smaller collection of bone fragments referred to as “ashes.” This is most often done through exposure to flames in a closed chamber. Cremated remains can be buried and typically held in a container called a burial urn before placement. If you prefer above-ground burial options, those are often available as well.

Another critical distinction is where the cemetery and burial site are physically situated. Ideally, the setting will be beautiful to you and invite solace for the living and the dead. Choosing a geographical location accessible to those mourning or that has significant meaning to the family is often a great place to begin. Many cemeteries have a theme or areas for specific groups of people. Look into specific solutions for religious affiliations, military service, or the burial of young children.

As part of the selection process, it is a good idea to find out what the maintenance of the grave will look like. All final disposition establishments have a certain number of regulations that are controlled by the state or county it is in. Beyond that, many cemeteries have their list of bylaws and rules you will be expected to comply with as part of your user agreement. This may govern things like the size and placement of headstones or materials used, and how often (or if) decorations are permitted to be placed at your beloved’s grave.

Will your family be responsible for keeping the grave tidy, or will there be an annual fee assessed for perpetual maintenance? Ask for the total cost of the cemetery-related price schedule. Additional charges may be applied when this site becomes actively used. The opening and closing of the grave are just one example. Be sure to ask your funerary providers what will be covered in their price packages so that you can plan accordingly if the cemetery fees are not included.

Possible Memorial and Burial Solutions at Cemeteries in New Haven, CT

There is not only one right way to handle disposition needs. Much of the decision will depend on any known wishes of the decedent, the budget available, and the needs of the surviving closest family member. Here is a sample of possible ways the body could be held and placed following death. Some of these solutions may only be available in select cemeteries in New Haven, CT.

Traditional Crypts: Did you know? Historically high-ranking persons of prominence were sometimes buried in crypts–stone chambers below churches or other notable buildings. These days, crypts still usually reference a stone chamber that could be buried above or below ground. You can think of an above-ground crypt as a mausoleum—just smaller than a whole building you can physically walk into to visit. The crypt is an impressive and highly secure way to entomb the remains.

Respectable Graves: Having a place set aside to lay your loved one to rest makes a beautiful place of permanency for you and others to visit as you work through the layers of your grief in the coming years. A grave is a burial site—a place of rest for the deceased. If you hope to be buried near this person, purchasing multiple sites in proximity as soon as possible is a good idea.

Cremation Niches: If you have the body prepared for disposition via cremation, you might decide to have the remains placed in an above-earth columbarium niche. These compartments are housed inside buildings or free-standing structures on cemetery property. The columbarium niches may vary, with some capable of holding a few sets of inurned remains and others designed to accommodate only one set in each space.

Other Memorial Products that May be Purchased to Help You Remember Your Loved One

If you cannot or do not wish to place the remains at a cemetery, consider having a place of permanency erected to honor the memory of your loved one. Memorial products can take many forms and offer a tribute to your decedent’s memory. For example, memorializing through a marker, bench, or planting may be a helpful support to those who are grieving the loss of this person in their life.

An Institution of Caring and Compassion Awaits

As you make these decisions regarding final arrangements with cemeteries in New Haven, CT, one helpful resource is the Archdiocese of Hartford. Feel free to call with questions and learn more about how your religious observances can be met with burial needs in the surrounding areas.

Cemetery FAQs

  • What Should I Do If I Can’t Afford Funerals and Burials in New Haven, CT?
    • If you are unable to afford a funeral or burial in New Haven, CT, there are a few options available to you. The first option is to contact your local Catholic church and ask about their funeral assistance program. Many churches have assistance programs that can help cover the cost of a funeral or burial. Another option is to contact the state of Connecticut’s Office of the Comptroller. The Comptroller’s office has a program called the ‘Funeral Assistance Fund’ which can provide financial assistance to low-income residents for funeral and burial costs. Finally, you may also want to consider contacting a local non-profit organization that provides financial assistance for funeral and burial expenses. That’s why we encourage people to check out the Catholic Funeral Plan.
  • Can I Pay in Installments for my Preplan for Funeral and Burial?
    • Yes, you certainly can pay for your funeral and burial preplan in installments. In fact, many funeral homes and cemeteries offer financing options to help make the process more affordable. But first, make sure that you understand the terms of the financing agreement and that you are comfortable with them. Also, be aware that if you should pass away before the balance is paid off, your loved ones will be responsible for paying off the remainder of the balance.
  • How Long Do You Normally Own a Burial Plot in New Haven, CT?
    • The standard funeral contract in New Haven, CT requires a leased period of 15, 20, or 25 years. After the initial lease expires, the customer may elect to renew the lease for an additional 15, 20, or 25 years. The lessee has the exclusive rights to use and control the rented space during the contracted time. Upon expiration of lease and/or death of lessee, all unoccupied graves revert back to the lessor (the City). There are no refunds on pre-paid leases. You may also check here if you’re interested in mausoleum or monument memorialization.