Summer Rules

ARTIFICIAL DECORATIONS are not permitted between April 15 and November 20.

FLUSH MARKER LOTS — Planting of flowers is prohibited. Natural cut flowers are permitted at other times when placed in vases that are available at the cemetery office without charge. These vases are to be used to commemorate special occasions such as: anniversaries, birthdays, etc. They are not intended for continual use. Vases are strictly for cut flowers and NOT for potted plants. Only one vase is allowed per grave. Additional containers will be removed.

UPRIGHT MONUMENT LOTS — When burials are in front of the upright monument, the planting of annual flowers is permitted only in the 10 in. area directly in front of the monument, not to exceed the length of the monument base. When burials are both in the front and rear of the monument, the planting of annual flowers is permitted in the front and rear of the monument within the 10 in. area, not to exceed the length of the monument base. Plantings on the side of the monument base are prohibited. Remember, plantings require weekly maintenance by the lot owner. If plantings become overgrown with weeds, they will be removed. Perennial plantings are not permitted.

POTTED PLANTS and flower boxes on both monument and non-monument lots are allowed only during the ten (10) day period following Palm and Easter Sunday, Mothers and Fathers Day and Memorial Day. Potted plants dug into the soil or placed in cemetery cut flower vases will be immediately removed.

NEW SHRUBBERY is not permitted on individual lots. Existing shrubs will be removed by the cemetery at such time as they become overgrown.

Concrete products, metal urns and articles such as glass jars, plastic items (with the exception of cemetery issued vases for cut flowers), votive lights, name plates, balloons, chimes, pumpkins, figurines and bric-a-brac of any description are forbidden.


No decoration of any type (including votive lights or flowers) may be placed on any crypt or crypt area. Anyone found in violation may be held responsible for all costs incurred in either the removal of or damage caused by the placement of these prohibited decorations.

PLEASE USE rubbish containers throughout the cemetery.

Visitors should be reminded to LEASH AND CLEAN UP AFTER THEIR PETS.

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