Winter Rules

Winter decorations are permitted during the period November 20th to March 1st. These decorations may consist of wreaths, artificial flowers or boughs of evergreens placed in a flower box. These dates were chosen for good reason. It is mid-November before all leaves have fallen. It takes several more weeks to remove them. If decorations are placed before leaves are removed, the leaves would become enmeshed in the decorations making it impossible to remove them. In addition, power blowers are used to collect leaves. They create winds up to 175 m.p.h. which may damage decorations. NO DECORATION MAY EXCEED 2 FT. IN LENGTH X 2 FT. IN WIDTH X 2 FT. IN HEIGHT.

On upright monument lots — decorations are confined to the 2 foot area adjacent to the monument on the burial side of the monument.

a. When burials are in front of the upright monument, the decoration is to be placed directly in front of the monument.

b. When burials are both in front and rear of the monument, a decoration is permitted in front and rear of the monument.

Decorations on the side of the monument base are prohibited.

On flush marker lots — decorations are confined to the 2 foot area directly in front of the marker or between markers. No more than one decoration may be placed on a grave.

Decorations improperly placed make it impossible for equipment to excavate graves and clear snow. Decorations and wires freeze to the ground and cannot be removed without breaking. Frequently, they are buried in the snow and cannot be seen. Winter decorations inserted into the ground are not allowed and will be removed. Sometimes, damage occurs during winter interments despite exercising all reasonable caution and, therefore, the cemetery cannot be responsible for damage.

All decorations are removed and disposed of beginning March 1st. Decorations will not be retained by the cemetery. If you wish to retain any of these decorations, you must remove them prior to this date.

Evergreens become dried out and lose color after three months of exposure to winds, sun, and snow. Removal at this time allows clean up of the cemetery prior to the Easter Season.

If weather conditions do not permit removal on March 1st, they will be removed as soon as practical after this date. It can take weeks to remove all winter decorations.

GRAVE BLANKETS, concrete products or articles such as glass jars, votive lights, palm and bric-a-brac of any description are forbidden.

When Easter occurs prior to April 15th, artificial flowers may be used. They will be removed 10 days after Easter. We urge families to remove them prior to this time, as they can be used for several seasons. Palm has been blessed and, therefore, should not be used as a cemetery decoration.


CEMETERY CONTAINERS are for cut flowers only and not to be used for winter decorations.


Visitors should be reminded to LEASH AND CLEAN UP AFTER THEIR PETS.

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